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Community Involvement Begins With You!

Support us! Get involved and help us to Kick Sarcoma!

The Kick Sarcoma Campaign is a volunteer-driven campaign to raise funds for sarcoma research through community involvement. Together we can Kick Sarcoma!

Volunteers are needed in all aspects of this community-based campaign.

  • • Volunteer your marketing or corporate fund-raising talents

    • Encourage young adults in your home or community to become Youth Ambassadors for the Kick Sarcoma Campaign

    • Sign up your sports team to support Kick Sarcoma

    • Wear Kick Sarcoma laces to show your support for the Kick Sarcoma Campaign and cheer on our patron Paralympian Ellie Cole at the 2012 Paralympics in London

Our Volunteers


Or jump in with both feet and Donate Now to make an immediate investment in sarcoma research!


The Sarah-Grace Sarcoma Foundation is a registered (ACN 144533593) non-profit non-governmental organization, with a tax deductible giftrecipient status. It is governed by a voluntary Board of 3 directors and 5 founding members whose time is donated pro bono. The Board, which meets quarterly, is responsible for the broad strategic directions, key policies, working ethics and accountability of the foundation.The Foundation is also regulated by Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Australian Tax Office (ATO).